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The policy of XT Shipping Group is to supply customers with ship management services while focusing on customer satisfaction and protection of the environment.

The Company’s Quality Management System meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO14001, and the International Maritime Organization's ISM (International Safety Management) Code for the safe operation of ships and pollution prevention, as amended.


XT Shipping Group implements quality control at all levels within the organization, by monitoring, reviewing and auditing company quality objectives at planned intervals during internal and external audits.

XT Shipping Group is committed to protecting the environment from all forms and types of pollution caused by its activities. To achieve this, the company operates an Environmental Management System, in line with current national and international legislation. Particular emphasis is placed upon marine safety, safe working practices and protection of the environment.

On board, the Company implements good working practices to ensure a safe, secure and healthy working environment, in line with the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC). It pro-actively implements a Drug and Alcohol Policy for all seafarers, which includes testing and screening medical examinations prior to joining the vessel. Drug and alcohol tests are carried out without advance notice to the vessels.  About 5% of the fleet vessels will pass a drug and alcohol test by an external laboratory and randomly about 5% of the fleet vessels will pass an alcohol test by the Masters. Additionally, co-operation with Custom authorities worldwide is maintained to combat illegal drug trafficking through the signing of Memorandum of Understanding.


The company is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying which particularly includes sexual harassment.


XT Shipping Group policies on safety and environment protection are constantly being reviewed and updated to fully comply with international standards at all levels within the organization.



  • Employees at SEA & ASHORE are the most important asset of the company

  • Loyalty of employees

  • Quality through professionalism, reliability, and integrity

  • Real-time response to our customers’ needs

  • A safe and secure working environment at sea and ashore

  • Protection of the environment from all forms and types of pollution caused by the company's activities

  • Implementation of Quality and Environmental Management System

  • To be competitive

  • Continuous quality improvement

  • Committed to anti-corruption laws & prohibiting bribery and money laundering


(Company Policy Document, Environmental Policy Document, Social Media Policy & Anti-Bribery Corruption Policy)


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