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XT Shipping is committed to protecting the environment through safer operations and reducing environmental impact. To achieve this objective we are dedicated to:

  • Committing to making all seas and oceans a safer and cleaner place for us all.

  • Taking all practical steps to safeguard the working environment and ensure the safety of all personnel working or visiting any facility operated by our company.

  • Setting and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets.

  • Providing adequate resources to meet company objectives and targets.

  • Providing appropriate training to all personnel whose work may create a significant impact upon safety and environment.

  • Raising awareness of the environment amongst personnel.

  • Encouraging our crew to report directly or anonymously regarding any MARPOL violation on board the vessels, without fear of any retaliation from the company's side.

  • Implementing a zero tolerance policy for any MARPOL non conformity. MARPOL compliance is a condition of employment, and failure to fully comply is a dismissible offence.

  • Achieving continual improvement in the Company's safety and environmental records.

  • Reviewing the suitability of alternative, or new technological systems or equipment which can enhance safer operation and reduce environmental impact.

  • Disposing, handling and controlling all waste in an environmentally sound manner.

  • Considering all environmental consequences where practical, when engaging in goods or services from third parties

  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable national and international laws, regulations and other requirements as applicable and identified by the Company.

  • Observing the requirements of the Company's Quality & Environmental system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) and the IMO's International Safety Management Code.

  • Making the Company's environmental policy and company policy available for public scrutiny

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