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As part of XT’s business ethos the group promotes social involvement by encouraging its employees to donate their time in different activities which have a significant effect on others.

Our employees share the spirit of giving back to the community and voluntarily take an active role in many of the group initiatives, such as:

Day of Good Deeds

Day of Good Deeds

XT Group always looks for new ways to contribute. Every year the company dedicates a full day for good deeds in a different organization.


The company spends the day at the chosen organization for joint activities with its members. This year we donated and helped renovate the facilities at “Shafririm” School for disabled children, working together with the children.


After-School Child Care Centers

As part of our social involvement program, XT Group embraced after-school child care centers in Haifa; every week different employees visit the children at the centers for joint activities such as: home-work, educational games, special events, joining them on after-school trips, organizing birthdays and holidays activities or shows, renewal of the computer platform and facilities at the centers, knitting and pastry decoration workshops etc.

Food Packaging & Distributing

Food Packaging & Distributing

In cooperation with "Notnim Beahava" organization, every year XT employees volunteer in packaging and distributing food for the holidays for needy families.


Environmental activities

XT promotes various initiatives in the field of environmental involvement as part of its policy and commitment to support green activities.

Environmental activities


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