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I am extremely proud to be Chairman of XT Group and partner with Mr. Idan Ofer.

Our group focuses on a variety of international operating arenas: Shipping, Hi-Tech, Private Equity, and, of course, the holdings in Israel Corporation and Kenon.

The team of managers and employees is dedicated and loyal and has been with us for many years; I feel that we are all partners in the success of this group.

Our President, Mr. Yossi Rosen, is widely recognized for his management experience and is responsible for our

Group's ongoing management and application of the strategy drawn up by the Board of Directors.

Parallel to our extensive business operations, we remain focused on two vital areas of concern: reduction of waste and preservation of the environment and deepening our commitment to our community by increasing our widespread social activities with an emphasis on children with special needs.


Our managers and employees team up with us in giving back to the community and I am extremely proud of our Group's activities. Today as in past years, we lead the sponsorship of the “Password for Every Pupil” project, where hundreds of schools in the periphery enjoy connection, via a local portal, to virtual lessons and learning materials. But our support begins with devotion of time and efforts on a managerial level in closely monitoring the activities of the project, its progress and defining together with our partners our mutual goal of expanding this platform to more and more schools in the periphery. In addition, our employees tutor at day care centers, supporting underprivileged children. Such activities include weekly meetings with the children, assisting them with homework, playing with them and filling their hearts with warmth and love which they so much need. Our support extends also to the “Variety” Children’s Charity organization where the Group gives regular donations as well as knowhow support of its employees, all in addition and separate to my personal involvement as President of “Variety Israel”. I am proud and privileged that our Group is able to take a role in these activities which I regard as an integral part of our Group's goals, missions and destiny. 


It is with great anticipation that I look forward to our future at XT Group.


Yours sincerely,

Udi Angel

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