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It is our policy to operate our ships in a safe and efficient manner so as to prevent any pollution, as well as protecting the marine environment.

We encourage you to report directly or anonymously regarding any MARPOL violation onboard the vessels without fear of any retaliation on the part of the company.

If you know of MARPOL violations on your vessel please inform the DPA, Capt. Kapil Seth as soon as possible. Be assured you and your identity will be protected.

You may inform the DPA, Capt. Kapil Seth as soon as possible by any of the following means:


Regular Mail To: Matam Park P.O. BOX 15072, Haifa 31905, Israel 


Fax to:

Phone call to:

All communications will be kept CONFIDENTIAL be assured YOU WILL BE PROTECTED.

SMS to:

Email to:

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