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XT Group invests a great deal of resources in different kinds of projects related to education. We believe that through education we can narrow social gaps and provide equal opportunities for young children.

Under the leadership of Udi Angel, XT Group has given Israeli education a substantial helping hand through the project

“Password for every pupil”.


“Password for Every Pupil” is an educational and communication platform which reaches out to the periphery. It is designed for the use of the education system and local authorities who connect via a local portal to provide learning materials, resources and virtual lessons.

 A learning community is developed by the partnership between the local authority, educational teams, the students and parents who together share the learning experience.


This is a community and educational program which aims to reduce the digital gap in our society especially in the periphery. Each student, by applying their password, has access to a platform which allows them access to the internet where they are able to enjoy a virtual world of lessons, learning and resources. Teachers and educationalists can develop forums and alternative learning materials and methods which can reach the student directly. In effect, the program allows for another dimension to be added to the resources of the local authority, the educational system whether it is for teachers, school principals, representatives of the various ministries, parents and students, etc.


Currently 80,000 students in 200 schools are participating in this program with Matan providing the organizational backup together with their experience to develop the rationale for the project.

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