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Safety & Quality

XT Shipping Group’s main objective, is to operate ships in a safe and efficient manner, taking into consideration the impact on the environment.


Particular emphasis is placed upon marine safety, safe working practices and protection of the marine environment with the target of zero accidents and incidents.


Believing that a safe, secure and environmentally sustainable work place is essential for the well-being of our company employees, XT Shipping is dedicated to continuously improving the safety management skills of its personnel ashore and aboard its ships.


The safety management system and procedures are designed to maintain safe working practices, identify risks and comply with mandatory rules and regulations.


International crews are well-trained and prepared to respond and deal with even the most unlikely type of emergency and all fleet vessels conform to the highest safety standards.


Particular emphasis is placed on crew training on board the vessels.Ashore seminars for senior and junior officers are held in order to enhance the knowledge on topics which are important for the company and the shipping environment. These seminars are intended for brushing up the seamen's skills on important aspects such as - risk assessment, environmental aspects, and other important topics.



ISO 9001 Certification

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