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Despite the large and growing numbers of organizations and societies that care for children with special needs, the families rarely receive full assistance and they cannot meet the heavy financial burden of raising a handicapped child – or sometimes two and even more in the same family.


The assistance that “Variety Israel” provides is financial and it focuses on areas such as medical treatments (surgeries, dental treatments, orthodontic treatments, mouth and jaw surgeries and more) and paramedical treatments (such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic riding, hydrotherapy, etc.).The organization also participates in the costs of purchasing therapeutic and rehabilitative equipment (such as wheelchairs, prosthetic implants, bathing devices, eye glasses, hearing aids, etc.) and assists in the funding of professional, nursing and rehabilitation aides and staff (such as employing caregivers, participation in the costs of after-school clubs and rehabilitative kindergartens), transportation to institutions and hospitals and the like.Variety Israel acts with great energy and love for handicapped children and carries out a wide range of additional activities.


Followed by Mr. Udi Angel, who is the President of this charity organization, Mr. Ori Angel also takes an active role in promoting and supporting “Variety Israel’s needs. XT Group organizes once a year a mass fundraising event “Variety Festival” which all of its income goes to “Variety” Children. As part of our involvement, XT Group also purchases, for all of its employees, tickets to the varied donation shows organized by “Variety”. In addition XT Group supports Variety's IT systems by supporting the organizational workflows and by ongoing IT consultancy.

“Variety Israel” is a non-profit organization which was established in 1967 to support and assist children with special needs, from birth up to the age of 18 years, without any religious, racial or national discrimination whatsoever.

Throughout its years of activity, the organization has supported thousands of children with special needs.


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