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Empowering Excellence and Care

XT Group is a global holding group chaired by Mr. Udi Angel, and is composed of diverse, innovative and market-leading companies.
At the heart of the Group is XT Shipping, an established leading international vessel owner and manager. XT Shipping is expanding its fleet and has a well-known reputation for professionalism, quality, and reliability.

Operational Excellence

WE SEA YOU our customers, in our everyday unwavering commitment to upholding excellence and the highest standards of service, safety, and efficiency.

We Care

WE SEA YOU our employees, customers, the community and the environment, in our continuous efforts to prioritize their well-being and satisfaction.

Diversity & Equality

WE SEA YOU our staff, equally in all your diversity and celebrate it, valuing the unique qualities and differences of each individual.


WE SEA YOU world, in our dedication to sustainability, by taking active steps to protect and preserve this planet.


WE SEA YOU our employees, in our commitment to stability, by providing a secure and supportive workplace.


WE SEA YOU our future, in our ever growing entrepreneurial spirit, by fostering creativity, innovation and growth within our company, driving us towards success.

We own and manage vessels,
and lead the international shipping industry by providing superior customer service based on decades of experience and expertise

Our company is a global market leader that believes in excelling on all fronts, adamant on best work practices and uncompromised high environmental standards.
Combined with a well-founded reputation and a high prosperity of growth and development, we spearhead the industry into the future.

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Plant AI-Based Digital Farming Productivity platform

Brand-to-retail connectivity

Guest Management Platform


Non-invasive ultrasound based skin treatments

A FinTech platform for agriculture

Ingestible therapeutic platform

Connected care platform for medical devices

AI in the Cloud

Surgical AR/VR visualization platform

Food ingredients and dietary supplements

Minimally invasive energy-based medical & aesthetic applications

Augmented reality smart glasses

Acquisition & Appreciation of mobile apps

IOT / OT cybersecurity management

Opioids free drug for post surgery pain relief

Web & mobile engagement platforms

We partner with exceptional teams who dare to dream big

For more than two decades, we’ve backed unique category leaders from Israel. When partnering, we see it as our mission to make management teams successful, supporting them with capital, a broad network of connections, operational know-how, and 24/7 advice - all based on decades of experience in taking companies from any stage to category leadership.

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Over the years, the Group has led initiatives of varying scales and donated tens of millions of dollars to serve the community along with its principles and employees’ social involvement. XT Group believes that there is nothing more rewarding than giving back and we are committed to making a difference in people’s lives.

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A snapshot of our numbers




2.883 M

Annual nautical
miles travelled


Seafarers from
18 nationalities


Annual port calls


Start-ups that XT has
invested in total


Start-up companies in
XT’s portfolio today


Exits have been
recorded so far


Social initiatives are
supported by XT


Schools across Israel are part of the
'Sisma lekol talmid' initiative

Our Journey & Heritage

Familyhood, variety, stability and professionalism. Expanding into new and specialized areas while maintaining the values that made XT Group the company, and the name it is today

The Group’s story is a classic tale of a family's voyage from rags to riches- a story that is told over 3 generations and managed to create a growing company that implemented these values of familyhood and humanity as its guidelines, to this day.

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Founding Generation

Sammy and Yuli Ofer, two entrepreneur brothers open a small chandlery expanding later to ship owning and operations of cargo ships.

New Induction

Udi Angel joins the Ofer Brothers Group.

Bulk Carriers

The Group begins building its fleet by acquiring its first bulk carriers.

Reefer Ships

The Group becomes owner and operator of reefer ships, supporting Israel's agricultural products export.

Container Ships

The Group acquires its first container ships.


Acquiring Yozma Venture Capital and setting up new technological incubators.

Israel Corporation

Idan Ofer and Udi Angel leading the acquisition of Israel corporation, Israel's largest holding company.

The Chemical Tankers Group

The Group acquires its first chemical tankers and establishes its commercial activities, later to become a global leading player in this segment.


Becoming owner lessor of commercial narrow body aircrafts.

Private Equity

Enhancing late stage direct investments.

Third Generation

Ori Angel appointed CEO of the Shipping Group.


Rebranding from OFER to XT.

Green Ships

XT completes an ambitious acquisition of 24 ships, all young, modern and environmentally friendly.

The Group’s Leadership

Eyal Wolfsthal

Legal Counsel

Eyal joined XT Group in 1998 and was appointed General Counsel in 2005. Alongside serving as the Group’s General Counsel, Eyal acts as an in-house legal counsel for XT Hi-Tech, taking an integral part in XT Hi-Tech's various investments processes.

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Yossi Rosen

Director & President

Yossi Rosen is a director of XT Group and its subsidiaries as well as the President of XT Holdings Ltd. Prior to his current role, Yossi Rosen served as President and CEO of Israel Corporation Ltd. for nine years and as Director of its subsidiaries. Additionally, Yossi Rosen was the Chairman of Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL) and Oil Refineries Ltd. (ORL).

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Amnon Lion


Amnon Lion possesses over 40 years of broad-based experience in the shipping industry. Today, he is a Director of XT Holdings and its subsidiaries (including Shipping and Hi-Tech). He is also the Chairman of the investment company Aria (Madym) Ltd.

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Ori Angel

Director & CEO

Ori Angel, our CEO, broadly experienced in the shipping industry has been leading the XT Group and its subsidiaries since 2007. Prior to joining the Group, Ori worked as a senior associate at Marathon Asset Management, where he specialized in equity linked products in emerging markets. Prior to assuming his role as CEO, Ori honed and perfected his shipping knowledge and skills while working at Zodiac Maritime Agencies Ltd.

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Udi Angel


Udi Angel joined the Group in 1975 and became its Managing Director in 1980. In 1999, Mr. Angel was deeply involved, along with Idan Ofer, in the swift take-over of the Israel Corporation and was appointed Chairman of Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. Mr. Angel served as the Chairman of Zim until 2003 and served also as a Board member of the Israel Corporation, Israel's largest public holding company.

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Lital Salem Steinitz


Lital joined the XT Group in 2013 and serves as its VP HR since 2020, leading the global human capital and all organizational development-related aspects. She specializes in cross organizational procedures such as career & development, compensation strategy, global recruitments, welfare and organizational culture. 

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Guy Eldar


Guy joined XT Group in 2017 as CFO and acts as a board member in some of the Group’s portfolio companies. In addition to serving as CFO, Guy is involved in XT Hi-Tech investment processes and supports financial transactions related to the portfolio companies, including IPOs or M&As. 

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Galit Romano


Galit joined XT Group in 2014 as Assistant Controller and in 2019 she was appointed the Group’s Controller.

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We Care About Our Planet

As a global leading shipping company, XT is passionate about our planet and believes in protecting it for future generations

We understand the impact our industry can have on the environment, and we take our responsibility towards sustainability seriously. That's why we continuously seek new ways to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce our impact on the planet.

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Why XT? Because we care!

Following the spirit and heritage of our founders, at XT People Come First. We nurture a diverse and caring working environment so you can bring your best self to work.

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