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About us

XT Group is a global holding group chaired by Mr. Udi Angel and comprised of diverse, innovative and market-leading companies.

At the heart of the Group is XT Shipping, an established leading international ship owner, and manager. XT Shipping Group is expanding its fleet and has a well-known reputation for professionalism, quality, and reliability.


The Group is also active in private equity which combines the Group's financial strength and the management team’s market expertise. In addition, it holds a diverse and well-balanced portfolio in Healthcare and ICT through its hi-tech activities.

The Group holds approximately 9% of Israel Corporation.


The Group’s story is a classic tale of a family's journey from rags to riches.

In 1956 two entrepreneur brothers opened a small shipping chandlery. Their integrity and professionalism became their trademark and enabled the late Sammy and Yuli Ofer to risk everything when they took the leap into ship ownership. Thus began a journey which has led to XT Group becoming one of Israel’s largest, privately held group of companies.


As the family grew, so did its multi-national business and the team that made it so successful.

Udi Angel joined the Group in the 1970s, becoming Chairman of XT Maritime in 1980 and is today also the Chairman of XT Holdings. In 1997, XT Hi-Tech was launched, leveraging the team's expertise in financial markets and building global companies. Soon after, in 1999, the Group acquired 12.3% of Israel Corporation. 


In 2006, XT Private Equity was established to build on the Group's global portfolio. 

Today, the group is expanding into new and specialized areas, maintaining the values which make XT Group the company, and the name it is today.


XT’s vision is to provide its customers with the highest standards of Service, Safety, and Efficiency.


Contact us
Haifa Office


9, Andre Saharov St, P.O.B # 15090

Haifa, 3508409 Israel

Tel:  +972 4 8610610

Fax: +972 4 8501515

Tel Aviv Office

Ramat Aviv Tower

40, Einstein St., Internal P.O.B # 11

Tel Aviv, 6910203 Israel

Tel:  +972 3 7456060

Fax: +972 3 7604650

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