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XT Shipping owns and manages vessels, and leads the international shipping industry by providing superior customer service based on decades of experience and expertise

Our company is a global market leader that believes in excelling on all fronts, adamant on best work practices and uncompromised high environmental standards. Combined with a well-founded reputation and a high prosperity of growth and development, we spearhead the industry into the future.

Recognized globally for our ever evolving customer service, always reliable, environmentally responsible and professional, XT is most known for its close ties and long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust with our customers, which we’ve constantly nurtured throughout the years.

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Vision & Values

Our main goal at XT is to provide our customers with the highest standards of service, safety and efficiency. We literally cross oceans for our customers, and will always go that extra mile to give them the best personalized experience.

We believe that with an excellent team comes excellent service, so we focus on creating a work environment that’s supportive and encouraging of just that. We see XT as a family business, and view both our employees and customers as our partners.

As such, we care for our employees wellbeing by creating a real home where they can develop and grow into their true selves at work. By modeling a caring workspace, we set the foundations for the kind of care we want to give our customers as well.

WE SEA YOU is the XT way of providing the utmost professional and personalized service and care

Our vision, as to being an innovative leading shipping company lies within our value of caring for our employees, customers and the environment. We provide tailor made unique solutions, inspire our working staff to evolve and be their best selves, and we work hard on creating a nurturing working atmosphere that echoes through to our customers and partners.

Our Core Values

Operational Excellence

First and foremost, XT is known for its professional operational expertise, and our Shipmanagement is considered one of the most efficient globally. We are committed to provide our customers with the highest standards of Service, Safety and Efficiency.

We Care

We care for our employees, customers and the environment. XT’s personal touch is our way of supporting our employee’s wellbeing and our customers’ needs.

Diversity & Equality

We are proud of our multi-national fleet and diversified staff onshore, who create a perfect microcosmos of the world. We celebrate the diversity of people of different races, genders, age, cultures, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations along with differences in education, personality, skillsets and experience.


We care for our environment and take active action to implement internal green initiatives o/b our vessels and at our offices worldwide.


We have offered our employees a stable ground in a volatile industry for more than 6 decades. A solid home where they can express themselves, develop and grow.


We believe in an innovative approach in every field we take part in, so we can keep on excelling in what we do. We encourage creativity and an out-of-the-box mindset among our employees so they can expand their horizons , implement advanced technologies and invest in new initiatives o/b.

Where We Care

XT Safety & Quality Culture


As a global company we take great pride in our dedication to safety in all aspects of our business. Safety is not just a goal, it is a fundamental right, and we practice this in our commitment to our employees around the world. A particular emphasis of ours  is a target of zero accidents and incidents. Therefore, we’ve established enhanced procedures, best -practices and our safety culture to ensure the safety of our crew, vessels and our customers' cargo & assets stay protected on shore and at sea. 

We are fully committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and sexual harassment.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to our customers; our policy prompts quality control audits at all levels of the organization. We continuously monitor and improve our processes to provide exceptional service to our customers, and ensure the smooth and safe operation of our fleet vessels. Our strategy is to always be at the forefront of environmental & safety matters by utilizing cutting edge technology and advanced AI systems. We examine even the most minor incidents and consider them as areas for significant improvement. As part of our "hands-on" approach we visit vessels frequently to ensure all vessels comply with the company's high standards.

XT shipping is constantly investing in innovative technologies and adapting digitalized processes and tools that are essential for safety and sustainable vessel operations. The Company's Quality Management System meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO14001.


We are deeply committed to protecting the environment and reducing our impact through safer and more efficient operations. To achieve this, we have taken it upon ourselves to exceed regulatory standards, and we continuously invest in and implement new technologies to monitor and reduce waste, while minimizing our environmental footprint. In addition, we comply with applicable laws and regulations, establish environmental performance targets and measures, conduct environmental training, and implement a zero-tolerance policy for any MARPOL violations. All vessels in our fleet are certified to the ISO 14001 standard. 

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Ori Angel

Director & CEO

Ori Angel, our CEO, broadly experienced in the shipping industry has been leading the XT Group and its subsidiaries since 2007. Prior to joining the Group, Ori worked as a senior associate at Marathon Asset Management, where he specialized in equity linked products in emerging markets. Prior to assuming his role as CEO, Ori honed and perfected his shipping knowledge and skills while working at Zodiac Maritime Agencies Ltd.

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Guy Eldar


Guy joined XT Group in 2017 as CFO and acts as a board member in some of the Group’s portfolio companies. In addition to serving as CFO, Guy is involved in XT Hi-Tech investment processes and supports financial transactions related to the portfolio companies, including IPOs or M&As. 

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Eyal Wolfsthal

Legal Counsel

Eyal joined XT Group in 1998 and was appointed General Counsel in 2005. Alongside serving as the Group’s General Counsel, Eyal acts as an in-house legal counsel for XT Hi-Tech, taking an integral part in XT Hi-Tech's various investments processes.

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Rotem Malka

Shipping Director

Rotem joined XT Group in 2011 and filled several positions in the Ship Management division, nowadays he acts as its Shipping Director since 2019. Rotem is an EX navy officer and Holds M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and economics from the Technion, Israel institute of Technology.

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Saar Asherof

Commercial Director

Saar joined XT Group in 2010 as a Commercial Director of the Shipping Group. Before joining XT, Saar worked for ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd (NASDAQ: ZIM) from 2004-2010, as Zim's Asia Pacific Commercial Director, based in Hong Kong.

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Capt. Avi Waitzman


Capt. Waitzman joined XT Group in 1997 as a Master mariner on board fleet vessels. He was appointed QA manager/DPA/CSO in 2000 and was appointed COO in 2010. Prior to joining XT Group, Capt. Waitzman was an Operation Manager in Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd, and a Master onboard various types of vessels. 

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Lital Salem Steinitz


Lital joined the XT Group in 2013 and serves as its VP HR since 2020, leading the global human capital and all organizational development-related aspects. She specializes in cross organizational procedures such as career & development, compensation strategy, global recruitments, welfare and organizational culture. 

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Avi Lavi


Avi joined the XT Group in 1999 as an IT expert. In 2015, Avi was appointed the group's CIO. Before joining the XT Group, Avi was a COO and a lecturer at Sivan, a private computer science college.

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