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As a company, we are dedicated to supporting and strengthening the community . Giving back and staying in touch with the people around us is the best way to show XT’s respect and interest in the future generation and its opportunities to thrive. Education, health care, sports, academia, charity and social networks are all part of XT’s involvement in caring for our community.

Variety Israel

Variety Israel is a non profit organization dedicated to the wellbeing of children up to the age of 18 who have special needs (autism, blindness, deafness etc.). Variety is one of Israel’s largest organizations which supports disabled children. The organization supports the children and their families, the donations raised by the organization allows the children to gain mobility and freedom and thereby integrate within the community, communicate and achieve independence.

Variety Israel is part of the Variety International Organization. XT supports Variety through fundraising events (Tennis tournaments participated by Israel’s leading business community and organized by XT’s management, special TV broadcasting events for fundraising and more).

Mr. Ehud Angel serves as Variety’s President.

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Rimon. School of Music

The Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music was founded in 1985 by a group of Israeli musicians eager to promote modern music – jazz, rock n roll, and R & B, in the Israeli music scene. The Rimon School is located in Ramat Hasharon, a suburb close to Tel Aviv and offers 7 majors as part of the Rimon 3-year professional diploma program. The Rimon School has approximately 750 international and Israeli students, and a faculty of 90 musicians, artists, and educators.

The School promotes musicianship and is recognized not only as a center for musical talent, but also for its diversity, and musical technological advancements that are deep rooted in Israel’s creative and innovative culture. Many, if not most of Israel’s leading musicians are Rimon graduates. The Group supports Rimon by funding construction and renovations of school buildings as well as equipping it with advanced technical/musical equipment. Mr. Ehud Angel has supported the school from inception and serves as the Chairman of the Board of the School.

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The Ruppin Academic Center

XT Supports the Ruppin Academic Center, which is one of the largest public colleges in Israel. The Center was established in 1949 and today, it awards 13 undergraduate (BA, BSN, BSW, BSc.) and 7 graduate (MA, MBA, MSc.), in 4 Faculties: The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, The Faculty of Social and Community Sciences, The Faculty of Engineering and The Faculty of Marine Sciences.

XT’s support is diverse and covers both financial and managerial aspects. Mr. Udi Angel serves as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Center and Mr. Yossi Rosen, XT’s President, serves as a Director. In addition, XT has recently agreed to donate the required funds for the full construction of a new engineering and nursing science building.

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Sisma – Password for Every Pupil

Password for Every Pupil is an Israeli pioneer in the field of digital education and offers an education and communication platform that reaches out to the population in the outskirts of Israel. It’s designed for the education system and local authorities, which connect via a local portal to provide learning materials, resources and virtual lessons. The Program was founded in 2006 following Mr. Ehud Angel’s vision of supporting the educational system in the periphery and has since then been supported by the Group as well as by the “wider” group of companies which includes Israel Corporation.

Sisma creates a learning community, connecting the local authority, educational teams, the students and parents who together share the learning experience together.
This is a community and an educational program which aims to reduce the digital gap in Israel’s society especially in the periphery. Each student, by applying their password, gains access to a platform which allows them to enter the internet and a virtual world of lessons, learning and resources. Teachers and educationalists can develop forums, and alternative learning materials and methods that can reach the student directly. In effect, this program adds another dimension to the resources of the local authority and the educational system, be it for teachers, school principals, representatives of the various ministries, parents, students, etc.

Currently 100,000 students in more than 250 schools spread over 50 villages and cities around Israel, are participating in this program, making it Israel’s largest educational program.

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The Hebrew ‘Reali’ School of Haifa

The Group’s strong and inseparable link to education led it also to donate the required funds for the complete renovation and establishment of the new “House of Spirit and Friendship”, which will, among other, perpetuate the memory of school graduates who fell while serving in the IDF and as a tribute to 75 Chief of Staff medalists and 45 Israel Prize recipients.

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Women’s Volleyball

XT Group is the official sponsor of Haifa’s women volleyball team – Maccabi XT Haifa. The Group’s sponsorship and support has led Maccabi to win the 2021-22 championship.

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Soccer, Culture and more

In addition to specific organizations adopted by the Group, or with specific projects which are supported by the Group in finance or time, the Group also regularly donates to random causes. As such, the Group will regularly donate to fundraising events for specific causes, supporting those causes and promoting social awareness, friendship and solidarity irrespective of geographical locations and religion.

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Rambam Health Care Campus is a 1,000-bed hospital serving the over 2 million residents of Northern Israel and providing comprehensive medical services in all medical specialties. The Group established a fund which provides financial aid and benefits to hospital employees in need.

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The Women’s Olympic Sailing Team of Israel

XT Group is the official supporter of The Women’s Olympic Sailing Team of Israel, as they leading up to the Paris Olympics 2024.

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The Idan & Batia Ofer Family Foundation was established with a mission to support sustainable solutions to social issues through various visionary projects in the fields of health, education, welfare, art and culture - with a particular focus on children.

The Foundation has been supporting numerous causes since its inception, including substantial donations to the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv and sponsoring the research of Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro, one of Israel’s female leading scientists, who is working under the Israel Cancer Research Fund. The Foundation also supports educational programs throughout the world, including the construction of the Sammy Ofer Centre at London Business school, the largest single donation to a UK educational institution.

The Foundation has been focusing on children and their welfare and made donations to organizations such as Make-A-wish, Sisma (a not-for-profit social learning enterprise) and Meshulash.

The Idan & Batia Ofer Family Foundation has also made a substantial gift to the Harvard Kennedy School, granting yearly scholarships to Israeli Jewish and Arab students, and funded the construction of the new Art Wing at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design - Israel’s most prestigious academic institution of art, design and architecture.

Across the work of the foundation, it has supported multiple causes in Israel, UK and USA and impacted over a million lives.

Recently, following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the Foundation has stepped in to save 600 Ukrainian families by evacuating them from their war-torn cities to Varna, Bulgaria. They have rented homes and accommodation for them and have started the redevelopment of a new school building to educate the displaced children. They have created a safe haven for the traumatized refugees and are supporting the move also by funding clothing, food and medical supplies.

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