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Ori Angel

Ori Angel is a director of XT Group and its subsidiaries, as well as the CEO of XT Maritime since 2007.

Ori Angel, being the son of Udi Angel and grandson of the late Mr. Yuli Ofer - the Co-founder of the Group, was raised by a “shipping oriented family” and had absorbed since childhood shipping skills and knowledge. Prior to his shipping experience, Ori Angel was a senior associate at Marathon Asset Management dealing with equity linked products in emerging markets.

Before assuming his position as CEO, Ori Angel worked at Zodiac Maritime Agencies Ltd where he perfected his shipping knowledge and skills.


Soon after Ori Angel was appointed CEO of the shipping group, the shipping industry suffered a severe downturn which also had an effect on the Group’s shipping activities. Ori Angel identified the opportunities which came with this downturn and Ori led an acquisition (supported by secured strong long term time charters) of new vessels while selling old vessels.


Ori Angel is responsible for drawing up the vision of the shipping group, he participates in planning its future expansion and executes the strategies drawn by the Board. In day-to-day activities, Ori Angel manages a staff of approximately 80 employees (and 1,200 seamen) working for XT Maritime. The Group continues to offer its charterers the Group’s worldwide known reputation of safety, reliability, efficiency and professionalism.


Ori Angel holds a BSc in Investment, Finance and Risk Management from London’s City University and MBA from University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. He graduated with honors from both institutions.

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