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Udi Angel

Udi Angel joined the Group in 1975, becoming its Managing Director in 1980. In 1999 Mr. Angel was deeply involved together with Idan Ofer in the swift take-over of Israel Corporation and was appointed Chairman of Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.

Mr. Angel served as Chairman of Zim until 2003 and served also as a Board member of Israel Corporation, Israel's largest public holding company.

Mr. Angel’s entrepreneurial spirit contributed to the expansion of the Group’s traditional

shipping business to other areas of activities, which include today hi-tech and private equity, media and until recently, also aviation. Udi Angel, together with Idan Ofer, define the business strategy of the Group and Mr. Angel personally executes and supervises its implementation by the Group’s young and ambitious management.


Udi Angel heads a number of communal and charitable organizations in Israel, focusing mainly on children (disabled or underprivileged) and on education.  These organizations are located and operate nationwide and cover all religious sectors of the Israeli community, including Jews, Muslims and Christians. One of the projects which Mr. Angel is closely involved in is the “Password for Every Pupil” project, where hundreds of schools in the periphery enjoy connection via a local portal to virtual lessons and learning materials. Mr. Angel is personally involved in this project, striving to bring it to more and more cities in the periphery.  Other communal activities which Mr. Angel supports and is part of, include the “Variety” Children’s Charity Israel (President), Ruppin Academy Center (Chairman of the Board of Governors) and many other communal and charitable activities. 


Udi Angel is a graduate of the University of Haifa, majoring in Economics and Public Accounting.

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