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Our founders established that people come first in this company, and thus generated our unique spirit and history. Sail with us and we will guide and support you on the voyage along your career and personal growth.

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As a world-renowned shipping company, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients at all times.

At XT, we consider the quality of a highly skilled crew to be a key factor in our ship management. XT specializes in recruiting, training and retaining personnel both at sea and ashore. We are proud to say that a significant number of our employees have been with our family for 10, 20 or even 30 years, and some of them are second or third generation employees.

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The way I Sea it A day in our crew lives


I started working in XT 27 years ago, hopefully till the end of my career. Here are some reasons why I'm keeping going: Friendly working environment (both vessel and company), easy and non-stressful approach to management, feeling sense of purpose and belonging to XT, freely shared ideas, suggestions - open approach, multicultural ship's crew, giving opportunity to learn closely each contract, something new, positive approach from company to meet high standards for the crew, welfare and working environment on the vessel, can see growing future of XT, that makes me happy, knowing that I'm part of it."


XT values its employees, in terms of career development and crew welfare. XT has a multi-nationality crew. No preference for personal language, nationality, or skin color. The good cooperation, family vibes, I get from the crewing department; and the good relationship & respect I get from seafarers onboard make me feel that I am a member of one big family. XT is a fast-growing company. The fleet is growing in the number of vessels as well as in the number of crew. There is always opportunities for growth. I see a good future at XT. That's why I love to work at XT!!"


Working on board XT Group vessels made me proud to be part of a diverse team of professionals that set a high standard of safety and effifficiency with a proven record of service you can rely on. Thank you for this opportunity."


I have been working with the XT family since 2007. There is a pleasant atmosphere onboard, which makes it a pleasure to work here for a long time. Love working with XT."


I have been working with XT family since 2007. Good cooperation from all departments gives a very pleasant atmosphere for working onboard, thus a long-time career. Love to work with XT."


I love working in XT as of very friendly and professional environment on board. Mix crew gives me a chance to understand different cultures and humans all around the world."


reputed & renowned shipping company! Also, it's not always about just having a living, it's about finding something & then to live for that, so this motivation is because of XT, to move ahead & gain more success in life. Thanks to XT!"


This company gave me the opportunity to work in the field I wanted. Being part of XT, I was able to go to different countries and fulfill my dream of being a seafarer able to sail and make or meet new friends. And because of this company, I can provide enough money to meet my needs, give, and support my family in the good life that they deserve."

We sea you - Onboard and ashore We take great pride in our unique personal touch,
our HR team is here for you!

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Check out our open positions:

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Why XT? Because we care!

Following the spirit and heritage of our founders, at XT People Come First. We nurture a diverse and caring working environment so you can bring your best self to work.

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